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Tag: Karhide

Out today: At Night by Cities and Memory x Karhide

It's time for our final release of 2021 - and the shortest day of the year is the perfect time to release an EP entirely built from the sounds of night. As the clocks went back and the evenings grew long, Cities and Memory issued long-standing collaborator Karhide with a
dark forest

The Dark Forest

Our heroes venture first of all into the Dark Forest, a foreboding space that leads them to the gate of Hell – and two artists have built us a dark forest in sound to explore. First up is Angela Winter, whose piece is titled “Selva oscura, amor mi mosse” “‘Midway

Paris Latin Quarter

Future Cities: the sounds of Paris

The next stop on our Future Cities tour of the world’s cities is another of its most iconic – Paris. Come with us and explore some of the fascinating sounds of this wonderful city – and hear how it’s brought inspiration to artists in their reimagined versions. We start by

Photo by Michael LaRosa on Unsplash

The wolves of Yellowstone

Our Yellowstone project features some incredible animal sounds, among the the atmospheric and beautiful crepuscular howling of wolves in the forests. In the original recording by the National Park Service, a pack of wolves howl during the evening while near an elk kill at Soda Butte in Yellowstone Park. If

Ticking clock techno in Paris

Paris, France – a trip from Gare de Port-Royal in Paris, a station on the border between its 5th and 6th arrondisements. Standing beneath a large clock, the relentless ticking is punctuated by the coming and going of trains. The reimagined sound by Karhide takes the field recording as its