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Tag: Laurence Colbert

Take a sonic tour of Oxford

Over Christmas, we compiled a sound tour of our hometown Oxford for Sonospace – with a difference. It’s a 30-minute mix that takes in both field recordings from the city of Oxford, but also blends in reimagined versions of some of those sounds throughout, as you travel through the real

8.00 pm – Leaving the Landungsbruecken

Our final stop on the Landungsbruecken is with sound artist Laurence Colbert, who’s taken on another of the distinctive sounds the structure makes as it sings along to itself – this time, the clanging of one of the sections joining two parts together down by the tenth bridge. Here, he

The heart of Oxford city centre, by Laurence Colbert

This sound for a Sunday afternoon comes from Oxford sound artist Laurence Colbert,  who sends in an interesting hardware-only remix of Frideswide Square in Oxford. At the heart of the city, the square contains the train station, multiple bus routes and the well-known Said Business School and is a major