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Tag: Lianray Pienaar

Eighteen Hammers – in depth

When Alan Lomax recorded this version of Eighteen Hammers, with lead voice Johnny Lee Moore calling together his work gang, Lomax said it was as though he were ‘summoning a heavenly group’. Here are two reimagined versions of the song.

Free album – Sounds of the Year 2015

The end of year review season is firmly upon us, so we’re happy to release Sounds of the Year 2015, a free album collecting together some of the highlights from Cities and Memory in 2015! As ever, the pieces are built from field recordings of existing locations, and the source material here takes in traffic signals, car horns, coffee cups and horses’ hooves.

Sounds from East Asia’s great metropolis

“This reimagined version of Damrongrak Road in Thailand starts with guitar textures which increase and mix with the field recording. The swells of processed sounds were created by selecting specific noises from the original recording and transforming them into more abstract textures.”

Utopia C4: religious tension in Utopia

“In Utopia, all religions are tolerated. In real-life, More was a hard-line Catholic, vehemently opposed to the Reformation and said to have approved of the sending of Protestants to the stake for heresy. This piece contrasts these two sides of the man.”