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Tag: Luke Henrion

Oblique call to prayer, Bangladesh

“I have little tics that start to show off when I look at the editing screen, the biggest being large areas where there is no sound file. It drives me crazy, and since I committed myself to only using the given sound without adding on any of my own, I found myself filling in the blank spots with re-used sound, often over and over.”

A song about peace from Rwanda

Our #Hamburgsounds project has come to a close after a terrific success, so for our next Cities and Memory stop, let’s go quite a bit further afield – to a village in Rwanda, in fact. Luke Henrion collected this field recording while visiting a project run by the charity Oxfam,

A new song by the fishing women of Lake Turkana

A field recording sent in for us by Luke Henrion from a trip to Kenya – this is a group of fishing women (pictured) near Lake Turkana celebrating the arrival of Luke and his group of visitors with a traditional song. The remix takes a simple loop from the song, which by