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Tag: Marcel Gnauk

T.S. Eliot and Californian winds

Today we’re heading to Balboa Island, California, to hear the sounds of evening wind with recordist Marcel Gnauk of Free To Use Sounds. He tells us: “To get the sound of wind I had to drive down to the Balboa Island at night time to avoid traffic and airplane noises,

Howler monkeys from outer space, Costa Rica

This one was a lot of fun to make – first of all, we took a field recording of howler monkeys in Costa Rica by Marcel Gnauk, who wrote: “I looked out of our apartment window and only two meters from me, I saw a howler monkey family with over

Bird on a wire by Alex Martinez at Unsplash

The thousand bird chorus, Chiang Mai

A remarkable recording today from Marcel Gnauk, who captured the sounds of hundreds of birds singing on power lines in Chiang Mai, Thailand. He writes: “I am not sure how many birds but at least a few hundreds are sitting on the powerlines and chirping extremely loudly. I remember a

Bat sounds in Bali

Take a trip with us today to Bali, Indonesia and hear bat sounds at the Goa Lawah Temple, as recorded by Marcel Gnauk: “I was standing in front of the cave and couldn’t believe it, Thousands of bats sleeping, squeaking or flying around the cave! In the back of the

Wire machine music in Vietnam

A trip to the streets of Vietnam today, with this great recording of an old wire drawing machine, courtesy of Marcel Gnauk, who runs the excellent resource Free To Use Sounds. He writes: “The machine is so loud that you can barely hear the street traffic. On the left side