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Tag: Marcel Gnauk

airport sounds

The sound of airports – the space between spaces

Airports are surely the ultimate liminal space, linking worlds together through a place that is neither one nor the other – at the same time, every airport feels the same, but also has its own quirks and similarities. Today’s highlights from the Until We Travel project take us on a

Trams and ferries: travelling in Lisbon

Lisbon is a stunning city – and some of its transportation is among the most iconic in Europe, most notably its famous tram system. On our sonic tour of Lisbon, our first stop is aboard the tram network, as recorded first by Luís Antero, who writes: “This is a trip

seoul airport

Dreaming in Seoul airport

We’re off to South Korea today, to tune into this wonderful, detailed soundscape from the Seoul airport Incheon International, recorded by Marcel Gnauk. City version: The recomposition of Seoul airport by de Velden resulted in this excellent piece: “I wanted to explore the sense of buildings without people, of buildings

sunrise waves

All the names we call the sun

A trip to the exotic Turks & Caicos Islands today, with a peaceful recording by Marcel Gnauk, as the ocean breaks on the beach at sunrise at Whitby on North Caicos. City version: You can’t hear the sunrise in this recording, but I’m sure a finely-tuned ear from the Turks

Photo by Daniel von Appen on Unsplash

Clanking chain sounds in Cyprus

Today we’re venturing into an abandoned mine to listen to some subterranean sounds of clanking chains and metal, as recorded by Marcel Gnauk. Though not particularly old, the rusted structures at these two abandoned mines stand like modern ghosts. City version: Alan Bleay has taken on the challenge of remixing