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Tag: Mark Wilden

airport sounds

The sound of airports – the space between spaces

Airports are surely the ultimate liminal space, linking worlds together through a place that is neither one nor the other – at the same time, every airport feels the same, but also has its own quirks and similarities. Today’s highlights from the Until We Travel project take us on a

Magnetic levitation in Shanghai

The maglev train in Shanghai is the fastest commercial electric train in the world, with a cruising speed of 431 km/h, with a 30km journey completed in 7 minutes and 20 seconds. In this field recording by Mark Wilden, we’re on board this super-sleek, super-fast transportation. City version: There’s not

Russian trains

Travelling through Russia – remixed

Our recent project Until We Travel featured some incredible sounds from voyages across the world’s biggest country – Russia’s railway network is, as you might expect, extremely extensive, and there are many ways to reimagine it. Today’s post highlights three fantastic remixes of Russian rail travel. First up, let’s listen

Black Lake, Montenegro

The Black Lake choir, Montenegro

An early morning trip to the Black Lake in Montenegro today, as Mark Wilden was lucky enough to capture the sound of a choir singing on the shore of the lake – as an added bonus, here’s a brief video clip of what he recorded: City version: For the reimagined

rain sound

The big band rainstorm solo

Rain sounds are one of the commonest – and for some people one of the most relaxing and satisfying – field recordings, and different rainstorms in different places (and at different times) have their own distinct character. Rain sounds in one part of the world are very different from another