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Tag: Mark Wilden

Singing forever at Tchaikovsky’s House

Come with us to Perm, Russia, where you join us standing outside the Perm opera house in this recording by Mark Wilden, listening in through an open window on an opera singer practising for her next show. City version: Sometimes when you listen to an opera singer, you feel like

Bolivia salt flats

The sound of Bolivia’s salt flats

An unusual sound for you today, as we hear the crunch of salt crystals underfoot, trekking across the Salar de Uyuni salt flats in Bolivia, in this recording by Mark Wilden.  Andy Lyon created this excellent reimagined version, and writes: “Salar De Unuyi is the world’s largest salt flat. It conjures

Night time in a village in Laos

It’s the dead of night in the village of Vanv Vieng, Laos, but there’s still plenty happening in this field recording by Mark Wilden. Crickets chirp, cockerels around the village are crowing, indicating that perhaps we’re coming up towards dawn, and every so often a vehicle rolls in and out

Metronomics – on the Beijing metro

A trip on the Beijing metro today, courtesy of a field recording by Mark Wilden, who captured his ride on subway line 1 between Guomao and Dawanglu stations on the city’s metro system – a slice of the character of travelling around this enormous city. The reimagined Beijing metro is taken

Lèse–majesté in Bangkok’s Grand Palace

Grand Palace, Bangkok, Thailand – one of the most famous tourist destinations in East Asia, it’s a lavish, extravagant tribute to Thailand’s revered royal family. In this field recording by Mark Wilden, everything is pretty normal – the sounds of birdsong intermingle with the crowds taking in this pure visual