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Tag: Matt Chapman-Jones

shortwave radio

The end of radio

The world of shortwave radio listening often captures the final moments of a radio station somewhere in the world making its last announcement before closing down forever, and our Shortwave Transmissions project captures the melancholy of several final broadcasts, three of which we break down for you here, along with

6.00 pm: Harbour horror on the Landungsbruecken

Tourist boats leaving the Landungsbruecken are like yellow taxi cabs in New York City or planes landing at Heathrow – a non-stop procession of chugging motors and swirling wash. The Landungsbruecken are one of Hamburg’s most iconic sites – fully 700 metres of floating dock, hosting everything from fish restaurants

Public transport techno!

A bank holiday weekend on the London Underground, and the famous Notting Hill Carnival is causing delays all over the city with various line closures, so I thought it was an interesting, time-specific recording and a way of documenting the carnival from halfway across London via its impact. Taking this