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Tag: Mike Bingham

Varanasi, India: an offering to the Ganges

Today’s field recording is a journey to Varanasi, India by Mike Bingham, who tuned into a fascinating daily ritual in the city: “Dashashwamedh Ghat is the main ghat in Varanasi on the Ganga River. Ganga Aarti (ritual of offering prayer to the Ganges river) is held daily at dusk. Several

Tourists vs. buskers in Bath

We’re happy to have a new piece from long-standing contributor Dan Tapper as part of our Quiet Street project – as ever, he’s taken a fascinating approach to reimagining the sound using software designed for improv performance, as he explains below. He tackled Mike Bingham’s field recording from the busy

One sound, two reimaginings

It’s fascinating to hear how two people approach the same sound from different perspectives and come up with completely different results, but also how some of the key characteristics of the sound to focus on are picked up by both artists and treated differently.

Take a sonic tour of Oxford

Over Christmas, we compiled a sound tour of our hometown Oxford for Sonospace – with a difference. It’s a 30-minute mix that takes in both field recordings from the city of Oxford, but also blends in reimagined versions of some of those sounds throughout, as you travel through the real

4.30 pm: The national hymn of the Willkomm Hoeft

Our final sound in an hour spent at the Willkomm Hoeft before driving back into Hamburg is a cracker – a full rendition of the German national anthem as a local ship (the Kuala Lumpur Express – all 93,811 tonnes of her) returns home. The ship returns the greeting with