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Tag: Nick St. George

geiko kyoto

A rare chance to hear a geiko performance

A rare treat for you today, with the opportunity to listen in to an authentic geiko performance from Kyoto, Japan, as recorded by Giulia Biasibetti. “As a Westerner, it is rare to see a performance by authentic Kyoto Geiko as only a few groups remain who still train and perform

Walt Whitman

The life of Walt Whitman

This famous photograph of Walt Whitman in Camden, New Jersey is held at the Hirshhorn Museum and Sculpture Garden Collection, and dates from around 1891 – now Nick St. George has brought the famous poet to life in sound using this photo as inspiration, as he explains: “Walt Whitman was

The sound of the casseroles

Today we explore the sound of the “casserole protest”, in which protesters bang pots, pans and anything that makes a noise from their home kitchen as a form of protest. Two recordings from Montreal, Canada, come from Michael Nardone – he describes the first like this: “Back on the streets

The beauty of four organs

The sounds of church organs were some of the most striking sounds in Sacred Spaces – today we wanted to take the time to highlight just four to you, which have some remarkably beautiful reimagined counterparts.

King’s Cross bagpipes

King’s Cross: one of the busiest spots on the entire Underground. The sounds of a bagpipe busker reverberating in amongst the arriving trains have been transformed by our artists into a science fiction setting, and a staging for a Robert Burns poem.