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Tag: Nick St. George

My Baby Got To Go

“There are real human beings at the heart of this recording. And what of those human beings? They could have been wrongly imprisoned – or maybe their incarceration was utterly justified. Were they cold-blooded killers or did they just steal some money in order to make ends meet? Whatever their crimes and circumstances, they (and their performance) deserved some respect.”

Dutch Dada sounds

Our Dada sounds go to Amsterdam today, with reimagined sounds from Schiphol airport and from the Westerkerk church.

The 21 best tools for sound design

We asked some of our contributors to reveal all and tell us about some of their favourite tools for sound design, music and sonic manipulation. Read on for some serious sonic inspiration.

Utopia C4: religious tension in Utopia

“In Utopia, all religions are tolerated. In real-life, More was a hard-line Catholic, vehemently opposed to the Reformation and said to have approved of the sending of Protestants to the stake for heresy. This piece contrasts these two sides of the man.”

Mystery sounds from the English countryside

“Was it an animal in pain? It would have to be a mighty big cow to make that sort of noise…”

“Farm machinery? Again something huge and previously unseen or heard in these parts must have been imported overnight, if that was the case.”

“Aircraft?. The sound was too consistent for that…”