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Tag: Nick St. George

World Listening Day – Sound Waves composition

As part of our overall Sound Waves project, 38 sound artists from around the world have submitted a field recording and reimagining of water somewhere in the world: ocean, river, lake, stream, swimming pool, boiling kettle, splash of a puddle – anything in which water is the defining sound. These reimagined sounds have been recomposed and re-edited by Cities and Memory into this 30-minute mixed sound piece incorporating many of the sounds in a new context.

The buzzing fountain of Seville

“I juxtaposed some flamenco guitar (clichéd, yes, but unavoidable) with the oud to remind us of the Moorish influence on the city. I added a touch of my own cajón playing (a Peruvian instrument, but strongly associated with Spain), some flamenco singing, a marching band recorded in Seville and liberally sprinkled the whole thing with more water .”

Walcot Chapel – Fanny Burney, RIP

One of the most imaginative reconstructions of a Bath sound came from local artist Nick St. George, who took a historical research perspective to the sound he heard, and came up with this fascinating piece out of a recording of Walcot Chapel and churchyard, as he explains: “Though it proved

How to reimagine a sound in ten easy steps

One of the most frequently-asked questions we get from musicians, artists and curious visitors approaching Cities and Memory for the first time is ‘how do I go about reimagining a sound?’ or ‘what does remixing a field recording actually mean?’. It’s a perfectly valid question, of course – one person’s