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Tag: Oxford Improvisers

The ten best sounds of July 2014

As we head into August, it’s time to listen back to the ten best sounds from July – they come from Canada, Italy and the UK and feature six different sound artists getting involved as guest contributors, and four of our own home-grown sounds. Explore the places and their sounds below!

An improvised water taxi in Murano, Italy

The vaporetto (water taxi) is one of the most recognisable sounds in Venice – the thrum of its engines and the chatter of passengers is the lovely equivalent of the constant drone of traffic noise in so many other cities around the world. A recording aboard a vaporetto not only

Flight BA329 to Venice is now departing

The second listen to live improvisation over field recordings today – Oxford Improvisers took on the challenge of a long, tense recording from on board a BA flight to Venice from Gatwick. It’s tense because it’s the period just before (and including) takeoff, so there’s the build of tension before

What does improvising over field recordings sound like?

Well, this is an interesting one. Last week I collaborated with the excellent Oxford Improvisers, who performed live improvisations over some of the Cities and Memory field recordings – effectively operating a live, responsive real-time reimagining of the recordings based on what they heard. It was a fascinating collaboration, really