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The ten best sounds of July 2014

TEN BEST SOUNDS jULYAs we head into August, it’s time to listen back to the ten best sounds from July – they come from Canada, Italy and the UK and feature six different sound artists getting involved as guest contributors, and four of our own home-grown sounds. Explore the places and their sounds below!

Guest sounds

Montreal, Canada: Making music with the sounds of construction (by Eric Powell)

Venice, Italy: A memory of the Venice Biennale (field recording by Jase Warner, remixed by Cities and Memory)

Oxford, UK: Building a new soundscape of Oxford (remixed by Julian Holloway)

Florence, Italy: A digital take on the bells of Florence (remixed by Amber-Zoe Cheesman)

Murano, Italy: An improvised water taxi in Murano, Italy (remixed by Oxford Improvisers)

Cornwall, UK: The sound from inside a wind turbine (remixed by Martin Dixon)

Cities and Memory sounds

London, UK: Drums of steel in Brixton

Burano, Italy: Shattering the peace in Venice

London, UK: What does it sound like to fall ill underground?

Oxford, UK: Meditating on the Quaking Bridge in Oxford