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Drums of steel in Brixton

steeldrum1As I’ve previously noted, I love Brixton – it’s sonically fascinating, with so much going on even within a few hundred metres of the Underground station. For this next sound, I barely had to move a few metres, as a steel drum band was set up outside the station to busk, while all around the sounds of roadworks, emergency services and a typical Saturday in Brixton were going on.

Much less disturbing than one of my previous Brixton sounds (the evangelical preacher’s ravings), it didn’t feel like this remix needed much doing to it. In fact, here there are five versions of the field recording mixed together and spread across the stereo field (listen on headphones!), each with a different filter or effect flowing through it. I’ve put volume envelopes onto them too and gently levelled the effects up and down throughout too, to keep the sound woozy and dreamy.

City version:


Memory version: