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Tag: Paul Collins

We talk about the weather

Where there are radio broadcasts, there are radio presenters talking about the weather. We present four selections from the Shortwave Transmissions project in which weather reports are reimagined in all manner of different and extraordinary ways. Settle back and listen to our reimagined weather forecasts. First up, tune in to ZMH286

Santiago sounds

Future Cities: the sounds of Santiago

The next stop on our Future Cities tour of the world’s cities is Santiago, Chile, a metropolis nestled at the foot of the Andes – with more than six million citizens, it’s one of the biggest cities in Latin America, and a vibrant, fascinating place to visit. Our Santiago sounds

Jumpin Judy

Jumpin’ Judy

“I put the prison song, “Jumpin’ Judy” onto the stereo and get down to work. As I slap gesso onto raw canvas, the rhythmic striking of the prisoners’ hoes keeps the beat. I am reminded of the opening and closing scenes in Hitchcock’s Rear Window, a composed field recording of neighbours’ sound-making: radios and hi-fis play, a song-writer plays and sings, the city rumbles.”