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Tag: Richard Watts

Night time in a village in Laos

It’s the dead of night in the village of Vanv Vieng, Laos, but there’s still plenty happening in this field recording by Mark Wilden. Crickets chirp, cockerels around the village are crowing, indicating that perhaps we’re coming up towards dawn, and every so often a vehicle rolls in and out

Trump as President and the use of force

With President Trump very much in the global spotlight for all the wrong reasons once again, it feels like a good time to highlight another one of our Trump protests – and one in which the threat of violence looms loud and clear. Tim Kahn recorded this on November 10, 2016

The conference of the birds

Chattering birdsong today from Beihai Park in Beijing, China, as recorded by Mark Wilden. The sound has been given a rather special treatment by Oxford-based artist Richard Watts, who writes: “The inspiration for this piece came from a work by Persian poet Farid ud-Din Attar called ‘The conference of the

Sounds from a Siberian train station

Zima, Russia – today we’re on the platform of a Siberian train station, listening to the hissing of train brakes, the cries of passing train horns and the distant Russian departure announcements, as recorded by Mark Wilden. Oxford-based musician Richard Watts recomposed this recording, adding relentless rhythm and a cold,