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Tag: Rodo Ramos

Jumpin Judy

Jumpin’ Judy

“I put the prison song, “Jumpin’ Judy” onto the stereo and get down to work. As I slap gesso onto raw canvas, the rhythmic striking of the prisoners’ hoes keeps the beat. I am reminded of the opening and closing scenes in Hitchcock’s Rear Window, a composed field recording of neighbours’ sound-making: radios and hi-fis play, a song-writer plays and sings, the city rumbles.”

Post-rock on the Dubai metro

We’re heading underground today, to the plush, air-conditioned environment of the Dubai metro. Le Tuan’s 20-minute field recording takes you on a trip from the Mall of the Emirates Metro Station, Sheikh Zayed Road, through to Union Metro Station, at the corner of Al Marktoum Road and Omar Bin Al-Khattab Road.