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Tag: Stanislav Nikolov

Starlings and helicopters – Central Park sounds

The latest excerpt from our Sounding Nature project is an examination of the urban sounds of nature, taken from Central Park in New York City. Hundreds of starlings argue, fight and feed in this world-famous park, but their calls have to compete with an incredible amount of urban noise –

The beauty of four organs

The sounds of church organs were some of the most striking sounds in Sacred Spaces – today we wanted to take the time to highlight just four to you, which have some remarkably beautiful reimagined counterparts.

3.00 am – Hans-Albers-Platz: party central

Hans-Albers-Platz in the centre of the Reeperbahn area, is really party central, in a touristy sort of way – Irish bars, drinking in the square, singing, dancing and more drinking makes for a raucous atmosphere even on a weeknight. San Francisco’s Stanislav Nikolov has taken this sound, plus one of

11.00 pm – A house track made from busking and football

Eleven o’clock and we head out to the lively, studenty area of Sternschanze, always bustling with life. Leaving the station, we come across a busker playing bass guitar through an amp, and wandering up the road there’s a late-night game of football going on, echoing our first sound from 12