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Tag: Stephane Marin

Sri Lanka skyline

Open call: reimagine the sounds of Sri Lanka

We’re looking for sound artists to help us reimagine and recompose the sounds of Sri Lanka. Thanks to Stéphane Marin (Espaces Sonores), we have an amazing collection of field recordings from Sri Lanka. Ranging from calls to prayer and temple musicians to recordings of monkeys, insects, dawn choruses and shrimps underwater,

The sacred sounds of Myanmar

Stephane Marin sent us a series of beautiful binaural recordings from his travels in Myanmar, which unsurprisingly proved popular among artists keen to explore their sonic potential. Here are four pieces from the country.

Power Gateway (Tower Gateway)

Tower Gateway, central London – and the sound of exiting a station while the Oyster travel card fails repeatedly to scan on the way out. From such humble origins, two great reimagined pieces. City version: We begin with Nazar Ali Khan’s ‘Power Gateway’: “The vibrancy of London is caught and

What makes a field recording special? (part two)

In part one, we heard from 15 field recordists, who shared their favourite recorded sounds. Here, we take a closer look at what they told us and draw some conclusions about the factors that lift an everyday field recording up to the level of a sound you might remember forever.

What makes a field recording special? (part one)

Over years of field recording, we’ve often pondered the question ‘what makes a field recording special?’ Just what is it that elevates one recording from the everyday to something that makes the hairs stand up on the back of your neck? In this two-part series, we ask fifteen notable field