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Tag: Tim Waterfield

Into the Temple of Heaven, Beijing

Come with us today to the Temple of Heaven Park in Beijing, China, in which a crowd of people are singing what sounds like a celebratory song in unison (recorded by Mark Wilden). Long-time contributor Tim Waterfield has produced a technical, musical recomposition of the original sound, layering percussion and

Drums in the Temple of Heaven

Temple of Heaven Park, Beijing, China: A mass singalong taking place in the Temple of Heaven Park in Beijing, captured by Mark Wilden. Long-time contributor Tim Waterfield (AKA Karhide) has given this an excellent, technical beat-driven recomposition, which he describes like this: ” The remix started out with creating multiple

The best sound design tools of 2016

This time last year, we presented our round up of the best sound design tools of 2015, as suggested by Cities and Memory contributing artists. Here, we update the piece for 2016 by asking several of our most frequent contributors which tools they’ve been using to work with sound this

The 21 best tools for sound design

We asked some of our contributors to reveal all and tell us about some of their favourite tools for sound design, music and sonic manipulation. Read on for some serious sonic inspiration.

Out today! Free Utopia sounds album!

After a month of exploring some fascinating sonic approaches to Utopia, our journey has finally come to a close. To mark the occasion, today we’re launching a FREE ALBUM of Utopia sounds. We’ve chosen twelve highlights that we think flow together as an album and a listening experience, as well as representing some of the many approaches taken to imagining Utopia in sound.