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Tag: Tim Waterfield

The many & varied ways you can hear a rainstorm

Rain and rainstorms are among the most enduring and popular field recordings (along with the sounds of the sea and general transportation sounds, I’d say), and there are many ways you can choose to interpret, respond to and therefore remix the sounds of rain and storms. These can vary from

Birmingham New Street station – as remixed by Kraftwerk

Passing through airports and stations while travelling always throws up the fascinating sounds of transit and transportation – while many of the sounds of stations and airports can be generic, often you’ll hear things unique to that country or to that city. Here we pay a trip to Birmingham New

Southend amusement arcade – as heard on acid

We came across this excellent field recording by Colin Ventura via Twitter, and he kindly agreed to let us use it on Cities and Memory – it’s a walkthrough of a length of the amusement arcade on the Golden Mile at the seaside resort of Southend-on-Sea, his hometown. No sooner

Truck Festival – the sounds that weren’t music

We recently spent the weekend at the rather lovely Truck Festival in Oxfordshire – while we were there, we made a point of recording some of the sounds from the festival that weren’t any of the bands or live music. The incidental sounds, the background hums, the sounds of the

The roar of high-performing engines

Contributor Tim Waterfield (whose musical alter ego, Karhide, you can find over here) was at the recent touring cars championship at Thruxton in Hampshire, UK, taking in the high-powered racing action. While he was there, he recorded a great clip of a race in action, and he’s remixed it using