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Tag: Tim Waterfield

Remixing a radio interview about field recording

This one’s a bit meta! A while ago I did an interview for BBC Radio Oxford about field recording and sound, which you can listen to in the City version below. Then Tim Waterfield decided to do a remix of the interview, so what you have here is a remix

The ambient sounds of a stone beach

Crunching pebbles on a stone beach, with the waves gently lapping on a crisp autumn day. That’s the scene from this short clip from Hayling Island, taken during a day of recording The Hayling Island Sessions with my band Listing Ships. Samples from the beach made it into the intro from

Behind the scenes at St Giles Fair, Oxford

This week was the annual three-day funfair in the centre of Oxford called St Giles Fair – some of the major thoroughfares in the centre of the city are closed and filled with all kinds of rides, games and food stalls, and most of the county descends on the fair

What happens when you remix the sounds of your breakfast

Have you just eaten breakfast? The remix below is what breakfast time sounds like inside Tim Waterfield’s head – we wouldn’t like to get between him and his cereal! The field recording is a lazy Saturday morning at the Sunshine Cafe on Stroud Green Road in London, with cups of

A rainy day, turned into music

If you’re not reading this from the UK at the moment, you won’t be aware that for the last few days, the weather here has been depressingly awful (considering it’s meant to be summer), dark grey skies and entire days full of thick rain. Which means today feels like an