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Tag: Vlad Suppish

Rituals at the Erawan shrine, Bangkok

Today’s sound is from one of the world’s most fascinating cities – Bangkok, Thailand. Shaun Malone captured a field recording from the Erawan shrine, which has its own fascinating history, apparently built in 1956 on the advice of an astrologer, as part of the government-owned Erawan Hotel to eliminate the


A journey into Lust

We’re deep inside Dante’s Inferno, and today’s zone is where the lustful are damned and tortured, represented in sound by these two compositions. First up is Kenneth Lyons’ wonderfully-inventive piece: ““A Slow Hot Kiss of Wind” addresses the elemental environment in the zone of the Lustful into which Dante enters

New york metro

Sounds from the New York metro

On the New York metro, we take a trip from Roosevelt Island to Bryant Park in Manhattan. It’s a smooth, quiet journey, but there’s plenty of space to enjoy the distinctive NYC subway announcements, alternating between male and female voices, and the reverb from outside when the train is stationary