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3.00 pm: Inside the engine of an ice-breaking ship

12Hamburg has quite a few museum ships, from the old to the modern, from sailing ships to submarines. The Stettin is an old ice-breaking ship on display at the Museumshafen, which allows you to explore the ship right down to its engine room, which was full of dense throbs and pulses, as if the ship was waiting for the next time it might be called into action.

_blank from Barcelona has tackled this sound and turned it into an atmospheric and decidedly unsettling drone piece, about which she writes:

“I don’t know why I chose that sound in particular, but I usually feel more attracted to “abstract” recordings, I mean recordings with no recognizable elements or noise/drone qualities. The original recording was from an ice breaking ship engine room, and engines always sound a bit like a drone, so I decided to exaggerated that kind of sound. The remix was made with Audacity and Reaper, I cut a couple of fragments of the original recording, I used some effects to generate drones and then I assembled the pieces. The result is quite dark and gloomy, it reminds me of winter and very cold and isolated places, so I think it’s suitable for an ice breaking ship.”

City version:


Memory version: