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7.00 am – an early morning Hamburg bus ride

hamburg-19042012-metrobuslinie-20-nach-86957We’ve already travelled halfway across Hamburg with you on the S-bahn and the U-bahn, so now it’s time to take a trip on one of the city’s many hundreds of huge, timely and efficient buses that purr along quietly through its streets. Hamburg’s taking great strides towards being an energy-efficient, environmentally-aware city and its network of buses are one contribution to that.

Colin Ventura offers up two different mixes of the sound of our bus journey, since his remix ideas took him in two different directions, so he completed and submitted both versions. This gives us one remix for our way there, and one for our way back, as we head up to the stadium at Luruper Chaussee’s racing stadium for an early morning flea market. Sit back and enjoy the (bus) ride.

City version:


Memory version: