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John Carpenter in the Arctic Circle

Kilpisjarvi2Our most northerly sound yet comes courtesy of Benjamin Pothier, an anthropologist and artist-researcher currently working in the Arctic Circle. He sent us this sound from the beautiful Kilpisjarvi lake in Finland, next to the Swedish border (incidentally, there are beautiful pictures from Tromso in Norway, his base, on his website).

This windswept recording really brings out the sense of freezing in the Arctic Circle, and listening to it immediately brought to mind scenes from The Thing (see below) and, as a big John Carpenter fan, I decided to take inspiration from his synth-driven soundtrack work to reinterpret the field recording with melodies, loops and noises all derived from the ARP2600 to create a new science fiction theme written for Kilpisjarvi lake.

City version:


Memory version:



The Thing 1982 trailer: