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Remixing an Airbus A319

Teaser374We’re off to Estonia today, with a flight departing from Lennart Meri Tallinn Airport, as recorded by Andre Louis from London – an easyjet flight on board an Airbus A319. The sound was chosen by regular contributor Aaron Rieger (hear some of his other mixes here), who’s created a subtle, menacing piece from the engine tones of the Airbus, as if he’s got right inside the jet engines to hear what they dream about.

Talking about his reimagining, Aaron says:

“This was a combination of two perspectives: one from a person viewing a plane’s ascent from far away and one from a person inside.  I imagined an individual listening in on the take-off from a phone line, perhaps from a remote location, and tried to replicate it as best I could.

“Inside the plane, I find I feel the most peaceful when watching the outside world fall away while the engines accelerate to a muffled roar.  The bassy synths were used to color the distant, mechanical noise at the beginning with a warm, unobtrusive sound bed, bleeding into the low rumble of a plane engine.  It’s probably the best way I could convey the feeling of watching the geography below the plane moving in slow-motion.”

City version:


Memory version: