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Tag: Aaron Rieger

Oblique call to prayer, Bangladesh

“I have little tics that start to show off when I look at the editing screen, the biggest being large areas where there is no sound file. It drives me crazy, and since I committed myself to only using the given sound without adding on any of my own, I found myself filling in the blank spots with re-used sound, often over and over.”

Remixing an Airbus A319

We’re off to Estonia today, with a flight departing from Lennart Meri Tallinn Airport, as recorded by Andre Louis from London – an easyjet flight on board an Airbus A319. The sound was chosen by regular contributor Aaron Rieger (hear some of his other mixes here), who’s created a subtle,

6.30 am – The city is not always in perfect health

Roadworks can sound pretty much the same anywhere, but there was something captivating about these. Firstly, the use of machines was minimal – this was hard manual labour, and sounded like it. Secondly, the avenue where they took place was wide, and surrounded by tall, imposing buildings – which means

The ten best sounds of September 2014

Wow, where did September go? I’m heading to Hamburg in a few days, which will be the major focus of Cities and Memory throughout October, but before then here’s a summary of the best sounds we’ve heard on the site last month. It’s been a UK-heavy month, with just England

The unique sound of lavender steam distillation

A unusual sound, this one – at Cotswold Lavender, after harvesting the lavender, the crop goes through a process called steam distillation, using dry steam to vaporize and extract the oil. Inside the processing plant at the lavender farm, we recorded these unique sounds, and offered them up for remix. Aaron