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An air raid in Trento

sirena_1_Trento, Italy. Local resident Luca Bertoldi sends us this sound of police sirens tearing through the afternoon calm in the town centre. This is a siren from a tower built in 1931, originally used to warn the people of Trento of incoming air strikes during the war, since Trento and the Trentino region in general suffered from a great deal of conflict. Today, the siren is sounded at midday as a remembrance of the war and the war dead – not just in Trento, but in other towns across the Trentino region in northern Italy too.

For the reimagined version, we’ve reconstructed this single siren blast as a cacophony of noise, a real air raid warning filling the skies, panning left and right and filling the entire soundscape with warnings.

City version:

Memory version: