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Moscow airport: waiting and drones

moscow_airportWe’re very pleased to add our first sound from Russia to the map today, courtesy of field recordist Axel Ganz, who sends us this sonic postcard from Moscow’s Sheremetyevo international airport.

The sounds of waiting in the terminal, punctuated principally by the sounds of a mother and child, who you can clearly hear interacting throughout.

Haarlem-based sound artist and regular contributor Robert van Riel took his sonic toolkit to the sound to produce an ambient contemplation worthy of, well, Music For Airports.

Here’s what he had to say about his take on the sound:

“In listening to the track I discovered that the location was probably an airport and I was listening to a mother and a son, waiting for a plane. And where would a child be without its electronic device to kill time?

“An airport to me is a very unsettling place. The excitement of air travel, combined with the dread of waiting, the announcements you have to listen to but are not specifically for you and the incessant noise, it is a fascinating yet unnerving soundscape that engulfs you.”

City version:

Memory version: