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Pianos and crickets in Florence

28Florence, Italy, and a sound submitted by Antonella Radicchi, curator of the Firenze sound map – evening street sounds and crickets chirping on a balmy evening. This was picked out for reimagining by Oxford musician Peter Lloyd (who performs under the name Kid Kin), a previous contributor to our #HamburgSounds project. We drew the card Ghost echoes for him, and he created around the original field recording a delicate, towering construction from layered piano sounds – a definite highlight.

Peter explains: “I chose a sample of the sound of crickets and applied to this the OS card “ghost echoes”. Traditionally geared towards layering guitar loops, I ditched it for piano for this remix, a better accompaniment I thought for the endless dreamy crickets buzz.”

“I began by trying to build up the resonance behind the crickets with short harmonized piano scales, in an attempt to create ‘ghost echoes’, but later added more structure to the piece with piano and organ melodies and programmed drums, all the while keeping the original looped scales in the mix.”

City version:


Memory version: