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Casa de Pilatos – tour guide reimagining

A trip to glorious, sunny Seville this week, with the first batch of our reimagined sounds from Spain. 20150518_142239

For our first sound, we travel to the ornate Casa de Pilatos, an Andalusian palace firmly on Seville’s tourist trail. The field recording is from the fountain in the palace’s beautiful opening courtyard.

I’ve taken as a starting point the fact that the fountain is a continuous, uninterrupted flow of sound, a deceptively simple and innocent sound that belies the huge amount of history and the many stories behind its origins and its continued existence.

Hence, for the memory sound I’ve recorded clips from the palace’s hand-held Spanish audio guide directly into my recorder, and blended them in and out of the field recording, with four instances of the recording, each effected subtly and differently, playing off one another.

The history of the location blends in and out of the source sound, as its stories from the past weave their way through the sounds of the present.

City version:


Memory version: