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Protest on La Alameda

Seville, Spain: a protest on the famous street La Alameda de Hércules, which is pedestrianised and lined with cafes, bars, restaurants and various small fountains and sculptures.20150516_215453

Apparently there is a proposal to turn parts of it into a city centre car park, which brought together a large group of protestors, who turned their protest into a mini-festival of sorts, with live music and a stage in place.

As good-natured a protest as you could hope to come across, it turned into something of a street party, albeit one through which every so often a rallying cry about the cause of the protest would resound.

Norwich-based sound artist Richard Fair was inspired by this sound and writes of his reimagined version of the protest on La Alameda:

“It sparked a memory for me of a time I was in Madrid in 2004 and recorded a taxi driver’s protest (it was about the killing of a taxi driver). I’ve used elements of that along with the Seville protest to create something new.”

City version:


Memory version: