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Seville sound map

Our recent field recording trip to Seville in Spain garnered some fascinating sounds – from the classic sounds of flamenco and horse and carriage through to street protests and religious processions, we feel like we’ve captured something of the sonic essence of the city.

Seville image by Giulia Biasibetti.
Seville image by Giulia Biasibetti.

The initial batch of recordings have been sent to sound artists across Europe, who have come back with their own recreations of what each of these different corners of Seville life sounds like to them.

Here, we’ve collected them into a special Seville sound map for you to explore.

The birds nesting inside the Alcazar palace have become an undulating layer of synths by Tim Waterfield, while the clopping of horses’ hooves have been transformed by Alex Hehir into a completely new piece of music.

There are two different takes on the sounds of fountains within the ancient Casa de Pilatos, and Seville’s cathedral and a procession to mark Corpus Christi have become dreamlike representations of themselves.

Skateboarders under Las Setas (‘the mushrooms’) have their own brand new drum track, and we’ve fitted in street protests and – of course – the sounds of flamenco.

Explore the sound map and the sounds below – there are still plenty of Seville field recordings in our database, so if you’re inspired to reimagine a sound, please just get in touch.