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The horses of Seville

For our next sound, we remain in sunny Seville – today, we take in another immediately-recognisable sound mark of the city, the sound of horse and carriage.  private-horse-and-carriage-tour-of-seville-in-seville-134349

All over Seville, traditional horse-drawn carriages ferry tourists from one landmark to another, with the central hub around the cathedral and Alcazar palace, where horses go past every couple of minutes as taxis would in most other cities.

Alex Hehir (who has contributed other sounds to Cities and Memory in the past) tackled this sound, adding in layers of modular synth but also some classical flamenco-style guitar to reflect that other great sound mark of the city, using the clopping of hooves as a rhythmic undercarriage to his piece.

City version:

Memory version: