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Skateboarders at Las Setas in Seville

20150516_223201Today we’re at the Metropol Parasol in Seville – affectionately known as Las Setas (‘the mushrooms’) for obvious reasons. It’s the largest wooden structure in the world by all accounts, hosting a range of shops and restaurants in the basement, with a bar and a stunning walkway on the top, affording the most stunning views of the city as you explore the top of the structure.

As with many modern structures in cities that I’ve seen, Las Setas attracts skateboarders, as its base has a number of skater-friendly surfaces, ramps and edges for them to practice their moves.

Here, we’ve recorded some skateboarders pulling off a few tricks, and used it as the basis for a drum track.

Everything you hear in the reimagined version except for the drums themselves comes from treatment of the field recording, including the bass sounds and melody lines. It’s an attempt to reflect some of that skater culture back into the original field recording.

City version:

Memory version: