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Tag: Alex Hehir

Russian trains

Travelling through Russia – remixed

Our recent project Until We Travel featured some incredible sounds from voyages across the world’s biggest country – Russia’s railway network is, as you might expect, extremely extensive, and there are many ways to reimagine it. Today’s post highlights three fantastic remixes of Russian rail travel. First up, let’s listen

sounds from murano, Venice

Adventures in Murano, Venice

Two absolutely beautiful pieces for you today from the island of Murano in Venice (and you can hear more of our sounds from Venice here). Murano is world-famous for its glass-making master craftsmen, a centuries-old tradition of hand-blown and hand-shaped glass passed down through generations. Many glass factories do demonstrations

Istanbul sounds

Future Cities: the sounds of Istanbul

The next stop on our tour of the world’s urban sounds takes us to where Europe and Asia meet on the Bosphorus – let’s tune in to Istanbul sounds. The call to prayer is a classic sound of the city, and David Webb recorded this one on a hill in the

Essaouira souk

Slaughter in an Essaouira souk, Morocco

Take a trip around the bustling souks of Essaouira, Morocco, today – in particular, come with us to the poultry souk, a dimly-lit, close little souk full of caged birds and meat shops. At the end of this walkthrough recording, if you listen closely you can hear the the somewhat

Infinite Nightingale – a remix of a remix

An unusual one today – as part of our Sounding Nature project, Cities and Memory reimagined the sound of nightingale song into a new piece called “Infinite Nightingale”. Sound artist Alex Hehir has taken the composite stems from this piece and created a reimagined version of that sound – a