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Tag: Alex Hehir

The sacred sounds of Myanmar

Stephane Marin sent us a series of beautiful binaural recordings from his travels in Myanmar, which unsurprisingly proved popular among artists keen to explore their sonic potential. Here are four pieces from the country.

The best sound design tools of 2016

This time last year, we presented our round up of the best sound design tools of 2015, as suggested by Cities and Memory contributing artists. Here, we update the piece for 2016 by asking several of our most frequent contributors which tools they’ve been using to work with sound this

Mind the gap at Embankment

“I was trying to evoke the impact the Underground had on my imagination during rare trips to London as a youngster with its soundtrack of distant subterranean rumbles and sudden unearthly screeches.”

No More My Lawd – a prison song examined

Over the next couple of weeks we’ll run through the fantastic entries to our Prison Songs project, letting each of the songs breathe and putting them under the spotlight. We’ll also give the artists involved the chance to tell you how and why they approached the song as they did.

Free album – Sounds of the Year 2015

The end of year review season is firmly upon us, so we’re happy to release Sounds of the Year 2015, a free album collecting together some of the highlights from Cities and Memory in 2015! As ever, the pieces are built from field recordings of existing locations, and the source material here takes in traffic signals, car horns, coffee cups and horses’ hooves.