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Sounds from the secret lagoon, Iceland

Secret lagoon, IcelandToday we visit the secret lagoon, Gamla Laguin, to the east of Reykjavik, Iceland – truly an idyllic spot.

New contributor Mark Wilden captured the sound of a naturally bubbling hot spring at the secret lagoon, making the field recording below on his iPhone. The sound brings to mind a blowhole in Croatia we featured on the site last year, which is also well worth a listen.

Our reimagined version starts off by layering the sound and simply moving it around, with some panning and delay effects to give it momentum (and make headphones listening essential!).

Next, we’ve dramatically boosted the bottom end to bring in a geothermal deep drone to the sound. Lastly, we mix out of the more unedited, natural sounds into multiple layers of generative effects that take the field recording as source input and output a range of synth sounds, clicks and pops, creating a new piece from the original recording.

City version:

Memory version: