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Tag: Colin Ventura

Mind the gap at Embankment

“I was trying to evoke the impact the Underground had on my imagination during rare trips to London as a youngster with its soundtrack of distant subterranean rumbles and sudden unearthly screeches.”

Inside the Royal College of Music

Join us today as we walk through London’s Royal College of Music – a space in which you can hear all kinds of instruments and practice sessions drifting in and out of various doorways as you explore the building, making for a unique sound experience. Tom Fox shared this walkthrough

Flamenco at Museo del Baile Flamenco.

Two takes on the sounds of flamenco

Today we have two different takes on a sound so distinctive and valuable that it’s listed by UNESCO as an item of intangible cultural heritage – Spanish flamenco. We took in both ends of the flamenco scale – the polished, flamboyant displays put on for tourists at the Museo del Baile Flamenco, and the performances at La Carboneria, a backroom bar tucked away in an alley in the city.

Utopia A3: A Valencian Utopia

“Valencia has become somewhat of a personal utopia for me for a variety of reasons including the hot climate and abundance of open public space – particularly Les Jardins del Turia, the beautiful gardens that lie where the river once flowed right through the city. The annual July festival was taking place during my visit so as well as all the insects and birds I was surrounded by, I was also able to capture a variety of musical performances and audience interactions taking place in the plazas and open spaces of the old town centre.”

The magnified voice of nature

“The idea was to magnify the sounds of nature, to make an ultra field recording, if you will, to get the sort of sound that it might be possible to get if all the clutter and congestion of human noise was removed. To listen to the seemingly quiet voice of nature, and find that it does, in fact, roar.”