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Tag: Leon Muraglia

birdsong Photo by Michael Whyte on Unsplash

Birdsong in Yellowstone Park

Birdsong is often one of the most inspiring field recordings for Cities and Memory artists to use as source material, and the birds of Yellowstone were no exception. Come with us on a tour of the chirping birds of Yellowstone, as we reimagine the sounds of bluebirds, cranes, loons and

Rough Trade: Inside London’s most famous record shop

Today we visit Rough Trade East, perhaps London’s most famous record shop, to listen in to some of the conversations their customers have while shopping for vinyl. Our in-store field recording, capturing a conversation between music enthusiasts, was reimagined via ambient, techno and cassette machines.

The 21 best tools for sound design

We asked some of our contributors to reveal all and tell us about some of their favourite tools for sound design, music and sonic manipulation. Read on for some serious sonic inspiration.

Il mare di Sicilia

It was a stormy day on Cala Mazzo di Sciacca, which made swimming all but impossible, but made for some powerful wave sounds. Clambering on top of some rocks, then hanging over the edge until my head was practically in the water allowed for this close-in recording of waves pounding on rocks to sound really vibrant and lively.