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Tag: Mark Wilden

The sound of Beijing’s Drum Tower

A striking performance today from inside the Beijing Drum Tower, one of the premier sonic attractions in China, a booming, reverb-filled temple that resounds with dozens of traditional drums – here recomposed by Simon Le Boggit: “Quantumised Beijing Drum Tower was created by isolating full single drum-hits from the original

Percussive rain sounds in Romania

Pounding heavy rain has a strong rhythmic quality whenever you hear it, natural rhythms forming as the water hits any variety of surfaces – as you’ll hear in this recording. For his recomposed sound, Dave Webb has taken this to its extreme, constructing overlapping drum patters from the very sounds

The madness of crowds

It’s derby day in Sofia, Bulgaria, and we can listen to rival chants between two groups of fans from CSKA Sofia and Levski Sofia before their crucial match (final score: 1-1), in Mark Wilden’s recording. The reimagined version listens to this crowd from a distance, and considers that from that

Temple of Heaven

Drums in the Temple of Heaven

Temple of Heaven Park, Beijing, China: A mass singalong taking place in the Temple of Heaven Park in Beijing, captured by Mark Wilden. Long-time contributor Tim Waterfield (AKA Karhide) has given this an excellent, technical beat-driven recomposition, which he describes like this: ” The remix started out with creating multiple

Bukhara bazaar

The looped bazaar, Uzbekistan

Another new country for us at Cities and Memory today, as we travel to the Bukhara bazaar in Uzbekistan. The original field recording by Mark Wilden is a demonstration of some traditional stringed instruments being played in the bazaar. The reimagined version, echoing the physicality of the stringed instruments, uses