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Tag: Mark Wilden

Sounds from a Siberian train station

Zima, Russia – today we’re on the platform of a Siberian train station, listening to the hissing of train brakes, the cries of passing train horns and the distant Russian departure announcements, as recorded by Mark Wilden. Oxford-based musician Richard Watts recomposed this recording, adding relentless rhythm and a cold,

Celestial falcon calls in Kyrgyzstan

We’re very pleased to be able to add Kyrgzystan as the 66th country on the Cities and Memory sound map today, with a recording by Mark Wilden from the Tash Rabat yurt camp, located just 20 miles from the border with China. Regular contributor Warren Daly came up with a

Birdsong on the Great Wall of China

A quite lovely recording and recomposition today from China. Mark Wilden recorded the sounds of birdsong as heard from up on the Great Wall of China – with the ever-present throb of traffic from a nearby town pulsing beneath the recording as an inescapable reminder of the country’s ongoing industrial

Sounds from the secret lagoon, Iceland

Today we visit the secret lagoon, Gamla Laguin, to the east of Reykjavik, Iceland – truly an idyllic spot. New contributor Mark Wilden captured the sound of a naturally bubbling hot spring at the secret lagoon, making the field recording below on his iPhone. The sound brings to mind a