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Tag: Martin Dixon

10.00 am – the mighty organ of Der Michel

From the wonderfully ridiculous to the patently sublime, as we head to the Hamburg landmark of St. Michaelis church, or ‘Der Michel’ as they call it here. There’s a daily free service here, and to our faint surprise the church is packed for this one – but just to hear

The ten best sounds of July 2014

As we head into August, it’s time to listen back to the ten best sounds from July – they come from Canada, Italy and the UK and feature six different sound artists getting involved as guest contributors, and four of our own home-grown sounds. Explore the places and their sounds below!

The sound from inside a wind turbine

Today’s sound is the sound of sustainable power, as I got up close and personal with a wind turbine in Cornwall, UK. The sounds you can hear in the field recording are the small generator hut at the base of the wind turbine providing a base drone, accompanied by the