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Tag: Martin Kristopher

How to reimagine a sound in ten easy steps

One of the most frequently-asked questions we get from musicians, artists and curious visitors approaching Cities and Memory for the first time is ‘how do I go about reimagining a sound?’ or ‘what does remixing a field recording actually mean?’. It’s a perfectly valid question, of course – one person’s

11.00 am – Hamburg’s gardens of dub

Having cleansed our minds with an hour inside the city’s inspiring landmark, we head to Hamburg’s central park, Planten Und Blomen, for our final stop in a long 24-hour city tour! It’s a beautiful, peaceful space with water features, wildlife (you can hear the birds clearly – blackbirds, I think?),

2.00am – Wie es singt und lacht in St. Pauli

From the Alster, we head back to our home base of St. Pauli, and the legendary Reeperbahn area, verging between a grimly-seedy region of sex shops and clubs and a lively area for (primarily, it seems) students and tourists to party. It’s a weekday tonight so not as bustling as