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Tag: Random Order Collective

Utopia D2 and D3: rural Utopia

“Researching Thomas More’s Utopia suggested that this was likely farm land – an important part of the synchronicity of life on the island. The book also gave a clue that downstream, just outside the main city walls, is where the livestock slaughtering/butchering would take place. Using these pieces of info, this is a trip downstream along the river, capturing a bit of the cycle of life that goes on here.”

8.00 am – buying and selling at a local flea market

Markets can be a great place for field recording, as they often give you a sense of part of the character of a city – the people, how they interact, some dialect, some colour. This flea market was quite a trip out but worth it to hear the bartering and

4.00 am – Grosse Freiheit and the Beatles

Grosse Freiheit is perhaps the most celebrated – or infamous – of the streets in the Reeperbahn area. It’s a straight run of bars, nightclubs and less salubrious establishments, also well known as one of the places the Beatles first made their name in the sixties. Here we take a

The sound of protest – Montreal, Canada

Michael Nardone from Montreal, Canada, sent us a selection of his sounds from protests in his home city, including this one from the casserole marches during the Quebec student strike, in May 2012. This sound was taken on by the Random Order Collective, who are a collective of four artists based