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Tag: Robert van Riel

Dream sequence backgammon, Turkey

“I was mesmerized by the speed the game was played and the sound of the dice and stones. At that time, the call for prayer sounded, and the players were not even bothered to look up or listen. I can imagine they wouldn’t, the call for prayer sounds five times a day and for them it is not as special as to me.”

The ten best sounds of February 2015

February might be a short month, but for us it’s been packed with sounds as diverse as an exploding building, a call to prayer, the mighty bells of St. Mark’s Square and the sounds of nature from the Cradle of Humankind. Here’s our pick of the ten top sounds of

Moscow airport: waiting and drones

We’re very pleased to add our first sound from Russia to the map today, courtesy of field recordist Axel Ganz, who sends us this sonic postcard from Moscow’s Sheremetyevo international airport. The sounds of waiting in the terminal, punctuated principally by the sounds of a mother and child, who you

The ten best sounds of January 2015

We’re into February already, which means it’s time for our first roundup of 2015’s best sounds so far. On our wintery journey, we start in a bitterly cold Turin as the clocks strike and fireworks herald the coming of 2015, and throughout the month we’ve explored New York City, Venice,

Angry drivers in New York City

New York City, USA. New contributor Richard Matthews, an NYC native, sent us this recording from underneath the Bruckner Expressway in The Bronx – a classic New York sound with driving rain and what sounds like a procession of aggravated drivers beeping away at their horns in traffic. We offered this