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The ten best field recordings from May 2014

It’s a new month, so time for a roundup of the ten best field recordings and remixes from the month of May. It’s been an amazing month for contributions, with recordings from as far afield as Kenya and all over the USA – so here are seven sounds from Cities and Memory contributors, backed up with three of our own. Dive in and have a listen!

Sounds submitted from around the world:

– Lake Turkana, Kenya – A new song by the fishing women of Lake Turkana (field recording by Luke Henrion)

– Loch Ness, Scotland – Searching for monstrous sounds in Loch Ness (by Dan Tapper)

– Thruxton, England – The roar of high-performing engines (by Tim Waterfield)

– Oxford, England – The beating heart of Oxford (by Laurence Colbert)

– San Francisco, USA – All aboard! Ferry now departing San Francisco Bay (field recording by Rand Lo)

– Chicago, USA – On the loop train in Chicago (by Lee Barry)

– Norwalk, Ohio, USA – A native American take on Ohio (by Ken Downey)

And a few of our own sounds:

– Southwark Cathedral, London – Epic sounds from inside a cathedral

– Flat Holm Island – Pirates of the Bristol channel

– Cumnor, England – Can one place be two sonic environments at the same time?

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